Our COVID19 Guidelines

Since 19 Jun 2020, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has allowed private education entities to resume tuition and enrichment classes as part of Singapore’s Phase Two response in the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. However, resumption of face-to-face operations is subject to the adoption and enforcement of safe management measures.

MOE’s COVID-19 FAQs – https://moe.gov.sg/faqs-covid-19-infection

To reduce risk of transmission of COVID-19, we have introduced the following to our work spaces and learning centre locations:

COVID-19 Safe Management Guidelines

  • SAFE Entry
    • Use TT token/app for SAFEEntry
      (you may not be allowed to enter without check-in first)
    • temperature taking at entrance
      (you are sent home if forehead temp ≥ 37.5˚C )
    • TT-SAFEEntry check-in at start of class
    • TT-SAFEEntry check-out at end of class
  • SAFE Distancing
    • maintain 1m social distance.
    • minimise talking.
    • arrive punctually and leave promptly.
      (Please do not loiter or linger outside the centre)
    • students only enter at start of class
      (No waiting within the centre’s premises)
    • Only use designated seats.
      (Put your bag under your desk, not on another chair/desk)
  • SAFE Environment
    • NO eating/drinking in class
    • wear your mask at all times
    • sanitise/wash hands regularly
    • clean/wipe down your desk & chair at end of lesson
      (gather & dispose rubbish in bin outside the centre)

A copy of the above guidelines are also printed and posted on our entry points.

As our young learners are not yet included in Singapore’s current COVID19 vaccination efforts, we ask for your help in ensuring that you child understands and does whatever is necessary to keep themselves and other children safe.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

2021 May 8th - SafeEntry and TraceTogether Programme

MOE has required that TraceTogether-only SafeEntry (TT-only SafeEntry) be implemented at all education entities. Effective 17 May 2021, entry to the centre’s premises can only be allowed if an individual uses their TT App to scan the centre’s QR code or presents the QR code on the TT token to be scanned. Read More