Enrichment Programs

Every student has a different learning curve. We know success is not a one-path journey. Our comprehensive enrichment programs give your child the knowledge he or she needs to excel in school.

We offer cohesive curricula that equip your child, wherever they may be on their learning journeys, with the right tools and know-how to tackle challenges.

We create new enrichment programs as new needs are identified. Our current programs include the following:

A: Critical Thinking in Science

Students who cannot score in Science Open-Ended face a few issues. Typically, they

    • do not know how to apply the concepts they were taught in school,
    • cannot understand why their answers are incorrect,
    • practise but are unable to pick up on the keywords for the topic,
    • do not know what keywords to use,
    • do not recognise the mistakes they have made.

This workshop focuses on dealing with these weak areas. Read More

B. English: Synthesis and Transformation (irregular form)

In this 2-day workshop, we will cover various types of questions to prepare students for tricky question types during the examination.  Students will revise how to use present, past and past perfect tenses.  They will be exposed to different word forms and will be able to change nouns into adjectives or verbs, and vice-versa.

C. English: Situational Writing Revision

This is a 1-day workshop covering writing tips and potential pitfalls students should avoid when attempting the situational writing component. Students will revise the formats for both informal and formal letter writing. They will also review the type of language used in such letters. Students will get a variety of situational scenarios. They complete these writing practices in class.

D. Scoring For Math

This is a short 4-day workshop aimed at helping your child cover final topical revision. The first two sessions focus on Paper 1 where we cover at least 85% of typical questions. We also review the different techniques to tackle these questions and how to reduce and avoid careless mistakes. Read More

E. PSLE Science Revision (Lower Block & P5 Topical Review)

This is a short workshop aimed at the P6 student at the start of their school year. The sessions seek to remind your child of “Lower Block” topics typically covered in P5 and provides for in-depth reviews of the following areas: Read More

F. Chemistry Revision for GCE O Levels

This is an INTENSIVE REVISION program designed to help teenage go-getters kickstart early preparations for their GCE O Level Chemistry papers. Read More

Contact us to determine program availability

Our comprehensive enrichment programs are usually available in June and at year’s end in November/December. We also run them at other times in the academic year. Contact us to find out if a program that you are interested in is currently available.