Tricia Wi

    Thank you to my math tutor, Adrian, for being a great help in my math results. Read More

    Satya Satvik

    Thank you Elucidation for your support in my education. A special thanks to teacher Lena for her help in Mathematics. Read More

    Charisse Foo

    Since starting math tuition at Elucidation, Charisse improved from 34 marks (E grade) in Primary 4, to 68 marks in Primary 5, Read More

    Ryan Lau

    Since I joined Elucidation, I have improved a lot in my overall school results thanks to my tutor, Adrian. Read More

    Danish Isa

    Since I started English & Math lessons with Tutor Adrian, my results for these 2 subjects have been gradually improving Read More

    Cheralyn Liu

    Teacher Lena has been teaching me since Primary 2. When I was in Nan Hua Primary School and taking the Gifted Education Programme screening Read More