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    Caryn Ong
    P6, Nan Hua Primary

    Teacher Lena,

    Thank you for helping me with my Math lessons. I love your lessons. Read More


    Lim Jia Xuan
    S1, New Town Secondary

    Happy Teacher’s Day, Teacher Fira.

    Thank you for teaching me for the whole of my Primary 6! Read More

    encouragement from teachers Louis Huang
    P6, Clementi Primary

    Happy Teachers Day Teacher Lena!

    Thank you for teaching me math and science for these past few months.

    Read More
    Careful Guidance resulting in As Pearly Chen
    P4, Pei Tong Primary

    Thank you Teacher Diyanah for teaching me Math and for helping me with my work!!! Read More

    Beverlyn Liu
    S4, River Valley High

    He is very patient and helped me understand math concepts better, which motivates me to work even harder. Read More

    Jovis Huang
    P4, Clementi primary

    Although I have just started having Math tuition not long ago, I know that if I ever need help, Read More