Close guidance by teachers

Nurayra Felysha
S4, Riverside Secondary

My daughter had been struggling with her Pure Chemistry prior to enrolling in Sec 4 tuition classes by Elucidation Learning. Now she enjoys her Pure Chemistry lessons and showed dramatic improvement in her exams.

Charis Ong
S1IB, School Of The Arts

My daughter did not do well in her P5 mid-year exams in 2019; her school teachers opined that she might have a learning disability and suggested I seek professional help. I turned to Elucidation Learning and by year’s end, she went on to do well in all exam subjects in school.

Highly Recommended

Tan Jia Hui
P6, Clementi Primary

When she first joined Elucidation, JiaHui was failing both subjects in school. After a year of intensive work, she was able to score Bs for both subjects in her recent prelim exams.